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Wanderlust:Wanderlearn is a travel education organization with a mission to empower people to become more capable and confident independent travelers. W:W achieves this mission via educational programs and travel experiences designed to grow and develop these skills in travelers of any level. Every aspect of W:W trips from the itineraries, number of travelers, to the trip WanderLearn classes (the Wander:Preps) are synergistic and align with these goals.

Empowering others to become more capable                                       and confident independent travelers.

Wanderlust:Wanderlearn has its roots stemming back to the travel club Wanderlust On A Dime launched by W:W founder Simone Kuzma in 2007. Simone created the club as an outlet to share her knowledge and passion with others in the local community. We brought travel-bugs together, organized trips far and wide, and shared our knowledge and experiences. As the club grew, the trips and experiences with members helped shape the philosophy of W:W into what it is today.

travel uniform for websiteHi! ¡Hola! Hallo! My name is Simone Kuzma. I am a Wanderer. A Traveler. An Educator. And a Motivator. These passions took me all over the world where I learned languages, cultures, recipes, education, confidence and understanding. After living abroad for 10 years on 5 continents, I moved to Cincinnati to experiment growing roots. When I started the club “Wanderlust On A Dime”, I came to realize just how many people love to truly experience a world outside their own. We are people, and people want to share. Share their lives, share their experiences. From one culture to another, we want to share. And for me, more than anything else, I want to share with others how to become that intrepid traveler that can take in the world with confidence. I want to bring the world to you, and you to the world!

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