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“For me the best part BigSurof traveling with W:W is having the personal experiences during the trips that I haven’t found in my other travels!  With Simone’s extensive experience and research, every trip I have been on have been ‘trips of a lifetime’!  I’ve enjoyed the Wander:Preps and the opportunity to meet new traveling friends. The flexibility in our travels and our guides have been outstanding! I can’t wait to head off on another W:W trip!!”  —  Sandy H.


GuatScott“What can I say, Wanderlust is the real deal. Simone is authentic, genuine and more than just a world traveler, she’s a world citizen (in essence, the travelers’ traveler). The Wanderlust experience goes beyond an itinerary; it’s about making the trip about your journey, your inquiry to self and interaction with the reality of a place. Our group trip to Guatemala in ’09 was a wonderful example in forgoing the tourist spots and instead focused on living with the locals for a meaningful encounter with a new place and people. I can whole-heartedly recommend joining a Wanderlust voyage for those wishing to travel with a positive and conscientious guide and experience themselves and other cultures in profound ways” — Scott V.


Lori Big Sur

“I was really hesitant to sign up for a trip with Wanderlust:Wanderlearn and travel with people I didn’t know.  I truly had to shove myself out of my comfort zone, but I’m so very glad I did.  It was one of my most memorial vacations ever and I met some awesome people who I’ll have as friends forever.” — Lori K.


I have traveled to many countries and while I always research on my own, there is definitely a benefit to having someone else who is also well traveled and is able to coordinate all the details and logistics for you. The Wander:Preps are also beneficial, as the travelers can interact and build rapport before the trip while learning about the destination and general Favelastravel advice. I definitely appreciated the mix of group and independent time as I had specific things I needed to do that would have otherwise been impossible if all time was spent in a group. I experienced a “bucket-list” moment as we marched along the Sambódromo in the Carnaval parade. Wow! The leader, Simone, was always in control and knew the itinerary and had a pleasant demeanour even when answering the same questions over and over. She was also quick to respond to any emails I sent. Her passport is overflowing with stamped locations so she knows how to travel and lead others in exploring the world. I would travel with WW again and recommend this travel group to anyone that wants the support of group travel in a relaxed yet exciting atmosphere. Now get out there and start exploring (don’t forget your passport!)”.  —  John B.


Montreal“Dear Wanderlust Crew: What a great trip we had to Montreal, Canada in September! You picked exactly the right mix of sightseeing and letting us experience that wonderful French culture: Mt Tremblant, Old Montreal, Swartz’s smoked meat of course, the dinner cruise, the Tam Tams on Mt Royal Sunday afternoon . . . it was even fun when our flight from Newark to CVG was cancelled and you managed to squeeze out some EXTRA nice hotel rooms for us, a couple free meals, plus an offer to go see Ground Zero the following morning. Good job, and keep up the great work!   Thank you!” —  T. Marie


Guatemala“Traveling to Guatemala with the group was so much fun – got to interact with adventuresome, unique, interesting people whom I still keep in contact with. My life is that much more interesting! The trip was well organized and I felt comfortable and safe with our group. I know if I need expert traveling opinion, I can always ask Simone!”  —  Rosie C.