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Why are Wanderlust:Wanderlearn trips different?
Because of the our unique mission, W:W trips are different than what you will find anywhere else. Our trips are small, intimate, and emphasize education as well as immersion and experience in the destination culture. W:W travelers must be active travelers who are engaged in the travel process. By learning how to travel and interact with locals, you will break down the cultural barriers and learn how to appreciate and absorb the world around you. Come and live the W:W EXPERIENCE!

Limited Group Size
All Wanderlust:Wanderlearn trips have a participant maximum of 10. We do this so that you can have an up-close-and-personal, hands-on travel experience. The small group size also allows for truer cultural immersion and one-on-one learning opportunities with your WanderLearn Lead.  This all makes a better experience for YOU and for the group as a whole.

WanderLearn Wander:Preps
WanderLearn Wander:Preps are included in every trip! A trip-customized series of classes, Wander:Preps help you learn smart traveler techniques while getting to know your fellow trip travelers in a series of weekly get-togethers. Set up as guided round-table-style “lunch and learn” discussions, we’ll cover topics like money-tips, packing-tips, cell-phone-tips, culture-tips, history-tips, basic language-tips….you name it! Wander:Preps are for everyone – newbies and experienced travelers alike will walk away with plenty of new tools.

During the Wander:Preps not only will you meet the other travelers in the group, share your travel interests, and brainstorm about other things you might want to do at our destination, you will become a more capable and confident independent traveler! And all before we ever even get on that plane!