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What are “WanderLearn” classes?
WanderLearn classes support the Wanderlust:Wanderlearn philosophy of empowering people to be more capable and confident independent travelers. The WanderLearn classes are interactive, fun, information-sharing and learning sessions that help build a foundation for successful travel. You’ll learn about topics such as travel tips, how to book discounted airfare, travel insurance tricks, how to plan an independent trip, how to pack, and how to travel safely and smartly. The information comes from practical, real-world experience traveling around the globe.


A knowledgeable traveler can go anywhere in the world, even places he/she has never been before, and feel 100% at home and at ease.


Two types of “WanderLearn” classes. Which one is best for me?
WanderLearn classes are offered in two formats: As a stand-alone class only option and also as part of a Wander:Trip.

Stand Alone Workshop: In The Intrepid Traveler’s WanderLearn Workshop we work to help you customize and tailor your own independently planned trip to your specific needs. These two-part sessions begin with all of the topics above, with an emphasis on planning your own trip.

Trip + Class: Included in every Wander:Trip, WanderLearn WanderPreps are a series of trip-specific classes designed to prepare you for your upcoming Wanderlust:Wanderlearn trip. Set up as online-learning and in-person classes, you’ll not only learn, you’ll also get to know your fellow trip mates. During the WanderPreps not only will you learn some of the best travel tips in the industry, but you’ll share your travel interests with your trip mates and brainstorm about other things you might want to do at our destination. WanderPreps are for registered WW clients only. If you are a WW client with a password, please click here to continue to the WanderPreps.


Travelers who engage their minds and are “active travelers” gain the most from their experiences.


Customized WanderLearn classes for groups
Customized WanderLearn Wander:Classes and Wander:Preps can be developed and facilitated for any group, need, venue, or event. Wanderlust:Wanderlearn can help you assess your educational needs and develop a custom curriculum, class, or course that will meet the objectives. Our expert facilitators will (of course) be happy to travel on-site to conduct the WanderLearn classes! Custom Wander:Classes are extremely valuable for: missionary groups traveling abroad, corporate groups traveling abroad, or students who will be working or studying internationally.

Contact Us directly to discuss your groups needs.