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What is “Wander:GiveBack”?
Remember the first time you traveled outside of your hometown? Maybe it was that family vacation when you were 8… or maybe it was an overnight field trip to Washington DC in middle school. However it happened, it was an amazing experience that helped you become who you are today.

Many kids don’t have access to these opportunities, whether due to challenging circumstances at home, or from school systems that aren’t able to provide these programs. To help fill this immensely valuable need, Wanderlust:Wanderlearn is proud to be launching the Wander:GiveBack initiative. Wanderlust:Wanderlearn is partnering with local schools to create travel programs which give these opportunities to their students. The programs are designed to enrich students’ lives while merging international cultural experiences with their school curriculum.

Our standard program, which is fully not-for-profit, takes the form of an extracurricular travel club that meets over the course of the year and culminates with a group trip to somewhere far away! In the club meetings, students will learn about their destination, how to travel safely and confidently, how to get their passports and visas for the trip, and more. They won’t only be prepared for the immediate trip ahead, but will learn valuable skills that they can reuse in their future travels.

Wanderlust:Wanderlearn is helping to 
make the possibility of travel a REALITY
for local high school kids.

We’re proud and excited to be launching this opportunity and giving back to our youth. If you are interested in this initiative as a parent, educator, or volunteer, please contact us on our contact page.


Simone Kuzma, Founder & Owner



This is a fantastic program! How can I help?
First of all, THANK YOU for wanting to help our next generation become responsible, world citizens! Please click here to make a donation to support the initiative. All funds will go directly to students to assist with their travel costs. You can also find the donations link on the main Wanderlust:Wanderlearn page.

I’m involved with a local high school – how can we bring this program to our school?
We’re actively seeking connections with schools who would be interested in this program. If you’re involved or know people that are, please contact us and let us know you’re interested. We can set up the necessary discussions with school staff to see if the program is a fit. We can tailor the details of the program to the schools’ needs, budget, and timelines.

I’m a parent and am interested in this for my child – what can I do?
We’d be happy to get together with you to discuss why you’re interested in the program and figure out the right connections within your student’s school. If you know a member of faculty who might be a supporter (frequently foreign language, geography, or history teacher) this is a great place to start. Most schools are looking for ways to expand how they can enrich their students’ experience so it’s an easy conversation to start.

My child is participating, where can I find more information?
Please use the menu on top to navigate to the specific school program that your child is involved with. You may also connect to your school’s page below. If you are looking for more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.