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SIMONE KUZMA (Wanderlust:Wanderlearn Founder and Lead Guide)

Hi! ¡Hola! Hallo! My name is Simone Kuzma. I am a Wanderer. A Traveler. An Educator. And a Motivator. These passions took me all over the world where I learned languages, cultures, recipes, education, confidence and understanding. After living abroad for 10 years on 5 continents, I moved to Cincinnati to experiment growing roots. When I started the club “Wanderlust On A Dime”, I came to realize just how many people love to truly experience a world outside their own. We are people, and people want to share. Share their lives, share their experiences. From one culture to another, we want to share. And for me, more than anything else, I want to share with others how to become that intrepid traveler that can take in the world with confidence. I want to bring the world to you, and you to the world!

When I guide a W:W trip, I focus on three things: Inspire, Empower and Educate. To inspire means to get your interests peaked and to bring to your mind to the possibilities that exist when traveling. Once I have your interest peaked, I take you on a journey to help you empower yourself to become that capable, confident, independent traveler. I do this by way of Wanderlust’s third principle: educate. I lead by example, and I teach by the Socratic Method. I help guide you the questions and issues that arise via travel, and I help you find the tools to answer these questions on your own.

When you take a trip with me as your guide, I promise to not only bring the world to you, but to arm you with the tools to bring the world to yourself.  Inspire! Empower! Educate!



Darren Kuzma has been an advocate of Wanderlust:Wanderlearn from the beginning and is an avid traveler in his own right. Having visited many off-the-beaten path destinations he loves to point out the subtle differences in daily life of the locals, and to take in any situation with a calm and smooth demeanor. He has been a co-lead on several Wanderlust:Wanderlearn trips and is passionate about Wanderlust:Wanderlearn’s mission to nurture its travelers to grow and expand their horizons.

With a passion for technology gadgets, you’ll usually find Darren traveling with a gadget or two that you may not yet have seen. Don’t hesitate to ask Darren questions on best ways to merge technology and travel.

In his non-traveling life Darren manages a creative design and engineering firm where he enjoys mentoring and leading teams of people. Always tending to push people to grow, he strives to transfer these skills to the travel world and will ensure that all travelers get a chance to bring their best to the table.



Evandro Silva, Director of Bambui Eco Tour in Rio de Janiero, Brazil has en extensive knowledge of Brazil and an infectious positive attitude that makes you want to take a tour with him anywhere!

Evandro spent many years living abroad and working in the hospitality industry (including cruise lines and hotels – even in the United Arab Emirates!). When he returned to Brazil in late 2010, the young entrepreneur started Bambui Eco Tour in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. He quickly became the first tour operator in the region to organize tours aimed at promoting ecological and rural tourism. The success of his tours quickly drew the attention of the Ministry of Tourism and Leisure of Marica (Rio de Janiero) and Bambui Eco Tour became an official partner of the Secretariat of Rio de BRITE 2012.

The Bambui Eco Tour believes that a smile makes all the difference! Evandro’s positive and energetic approach to responsible tourism will make your visit to Brazil an unforgettable experience. Viva Esta Experiência!



Explorer, change maker & traveler Jamey Ponte is the kind of person that people gravitate to. The kind of person that has a great laugh, a wealth of knowledge, and a wonderful perspective on life. The kind of person that inspires us and challenges us to be our best individual selves. The kind of person that makes this world a better place.

A native to Ohio, Jamey is no stranger to running a successful business and non-profit stateside. Captured by the needs he witnessed during a trip to Africa over a decade ago, Jamey turned his talents toward helping Kenyans help themselves. Towards this end, he started “Kids in Kenya”, a sister program to the successful Cincinnati-based 501(3)(c) “Child Wellness Fund”. In just a few short years, Jamey garnered the respect of his Kenyan brothers and sisters and has developed a number of successful programs in Kenya – both in the capital city of Nairobi and the rural lands of the indigenous Maasai and other tribes.

The world is small, and a true understanding of other cultures is a gift, one that Jamey has earned from many years of close work with the locals in Kenya. Jamey loves to share this gift with others, and he hosts many travelers and volunteers in Kenya where he uses his vast knowledge and relations with the communities for you as the visitor to get a deep understanding of African life. You will experience life in the urban slums of Kibera, barter for supplies in the small tribal-oriented towns, and explore the bush villages of the Maasai Mara where you will be snuggled safe in camp whilst sleeping amongst the zebras, giraffes, lions and elephants of the African plains. Your trip to East Africa will be about YOU. Whether you chose to do a solo one-on-one trip or select a group trip (maximum 6 guests), Jamey is very flexible with your itinerary. Whether you want to spend more time on safari with the plains animals, with the people of the Maasai tribal communities or take a dhow (native sail boat) out into the Indian Ocean, Jamey will help you experience Kenya to its core.

Wildlife, Volunteerism, Youth, Peace, Human/Wildlife Conflicts, Schools, Mobile Medical Units, Health Clinics, Safe Water, Artist & Musician Development, Sustainability Retreats/Camps. Litter/Waste Disposal, TEDx Events, Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots Kenya, Child Wellness Fund, Kids in Kenya Fund, Lion Missions, Kibera Fruitful, Network for Youth Advocacy Kenya, Kenya Kwetu, Lemek Conservancy, Human/Wildlife conflicts, Schools, Mobile Medical Units, Health Clinics, Safe Water, Artist & Musician Development, Retreats/Camps

JOE WHITE (Alaska)

Joe White is the owner of Roads Rivers and Trails and an experienced outdoorsman. Joe’s been all over the country and to several others, but he was born and raised in Milford, Ohio. He grew up with 6 brothers, awesome parents, and 150 acres to run wild. With that many boys in the family, his father utilized the Scouting program to help bring some order and discipline to the chaos.

After taking a trip to Alaska with the Boy Scouts he landed a summer job guiding trips for the High Adventure Base. For 6 summers, Joe guided backpacking, canoeing, sea kayaking, and road trips all over Alaska. In 2006, he completed the lifelong dream of hiking the entire Appalachian Trail with best friend, and now fellow RRT owner, Bryan Wolf.

In 2010 Joe opened up Roads Rivers and Trails, a retail outdoor store in Milford. Since opening the store, Joe’s found an amazing community of great souls that he wants to continue to be a part of. With each adventure, he strives to better his skills, experience and knowledge so he can bring it back and share it with others. Joe says RRT was built on the goal of encouraging and helping others take on incredible adventures. Dream Plan Live