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Travel Logistics

Topics include: how to choose a destination; how to create a budget; passports and visas / entry requirements; international travel safety programs; plane tickets; accommodations and ground transportation. 2 hours $35.00

Savvy Travel Tips

Travel and health insurance; immunizations and health concerns; money tips; safety tips; electronics and adapters; cell phones; packing and luggage; plus tipping while traveling. 2 hours $35.00

Solo Travel

Some people dream of seeing the world but hesitate to venture out by themselves. Turn traveling solo to your advantage as you learn valuable information about the challenges and opportunities. 2 hours $35.00

Travel Hacking 101

Ever wonder how people travel for "free" or "almost free"? Learn how using popular travel offers and incentives, memberships and points, to earn free flights, free hotel rooms, free trips and more! 2 hours $35.00